Tom Foskey


Aren’t you tired of being shut down? I am too! Let me invite you to be a part of the Independent Baptist Preacher Fellowships of GA. Our church is excited to host this meeting for 2021. We have been praying over this statewide for several months asking the Lord to make this a time of refreshing for his men. Please make attending a priority on your schedule. You will be blessed a thousand times over hearing God’s preachers preaching the house down, hearing wonderful music that will lift your spirit, and eating some great food. Remember, this statewide is for you. Come be blessed.

Rev. Ralph Sexton

Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church
"Reaching American to Reach the World"

Dr. Ralph Sexton, Asheville, NC, will be our main preacher for this year’s statewide fellowship. Bro. Sexton has literally blessed thousands with his ministry, not just in North Carolina, but around the world. He has pastored the Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville for 45 years and Trinity is one of the great churches in America. God has gifted him with the abilities to take current events and prophecies of the Bible, merging them in an old-fashioned preaching style that blesses over and over those that hear his messages. He is truly God’s man for the hour. He will preach Monday and Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM.

Dr. Joe Arthur


Dr. Arthur is the pastor of Harvest Baptist Tabernacle in Jonesboro, Georgia. He also preaches revivals, camp meetings and conferences across the nation. He serves as the director of the Greer Baptist Camp Meeting located in Greer, SC. Greer Baptist Camp Meeting is the oldest continuously Baptist camp meeting in the United States. Dr. Arthur is also the Moderator of the IBFGA. These Statewide Independent Baptist Preachers in Georgia and surrounding states meet once each year for inspiration and encouragement.

Greg Howell


Gregory Philip Howell, Stockbridge, has served as the Vice Moderator & Treasurer of Georgia Independent Baptist Preachers Fellowship for several years. He pastors Pine Grove Baptist Church, Stockbridge, GA and has been there from 1991 until present. It will be 30 years this June. He graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1979, BA Bible and was Ordained in 1979 at Stone Mountain Baptist Tabernacle. Bro. Greg has served as BIMI missionary in Nassau, Bahamas, taught at Stone Mountain Christian School and continues to teach at Atlanta Baptist College where he was awarded Honorary Doctorate. Pamela Sue Howell, his late wife passed away Nov. 24, 2020.